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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Medical Health and Accident Information

If your child is diagnosed with an allergy or another medical condition that might require intervention by school staff please complete a Medical Action Plan and schedule a meeting with the appropriate principal.

During the course of the school year, your child may need to take medication while at school. All medications will be kept locked in the office.  Office staff will administer medications and keep a daily log of all dosages, permission slips, times, etc.  Every student must bring the medication and the completed medication form to the appropriate division office first thing each morning.  Medications that require refrigeration will be locked in a lock box in a refrigerator in the office.  If a student must keep a supply of medication at MCA for daily use, it must be kept locked in the School Office. 

Students who complain of headaches or other occasional aches and pains cannot call parents and get permission for a staff member to administer over the counter products. Students MUST bring their own supply and keep it locked in the office along with their signed medication form locked in the office. Students cannot keep ANY medications in their purses, lockers, etc.  The only exception to this will be inhalers for immediate relief from asthma attacks, syringes for hypersensitivity to allergies, or diabetic supplies.  Parents must send a completed, signed permission slip and a doctor’s prescription for those items.

Our staff is not permitted to prescribe nor administer any medications unless they are sent from home and accompanied by a completed current medication form with full instructions and a parent’s signature. 

Sickness, Health, Accidents

Sick children should not be brought to school. If your child is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please keep your child at home for 24 hours in order to avoid a cycle of sickness:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Elevated temperature

A child may not remain at school if his/her temperature is elevated, if he/she vomits, has episodes of diarrhea, or if the office makes an assessment that the student needs to go home. When the school calls, please cooperate and have your child picked up promptly, either by you or your emergency contact person. Students must be fever-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. This will help us prevent further disease transmission.

Should your child have a serious accident at school, we will attempt to contact you or another designated person for instructions.  If your child incurs medical expenses due to an accident at school, please file your own insurance first, then file the student accident insurance. All students are covered by a student insurance policy, which is a secondary provider.  If your child is injured at school, you will be asked to sign a completed injury form.  We will return a copy to you and file the original.