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Mr. C's Blog

Parent Survey Feedback

November 15, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

I want to take the next few weeks and provide you with some feedback regarding the parent survey that we recently administered. First of all, let me say that we highly value your feedback and we use it in helping us to improve our program.

This week I want to address your questions regarding technology, facility expansion, and elective class growth. We are currently in year two of our three year technology plan. Last school year, we upgraded classroom technology to include “ELMO” technology in each of our classrooms. Specifically, we added digital projectors and document cameras in each classroom in order to enable our teachers to better integrate technology in their classrooms. We also added three major internet databases to our curriculum that provide many more technological teaching tools. These databases are World Book Online, Discovery Streaming Online, and Maps 101. Finally, we completed the installation of Wi-Fi throughout the campus.

Our plan is to add a mobile iPad Lab to our Lower School very soon to further integrate technology. We will add one to middle school shortly thereafter. Many of you have asked about implementation of iPads in high school to replace textbooks. We have waited awhile longer because textbook publishers have not been ready to have complete works available. Our plan is to implement the use of e-textbooks in particular subject areas next school year. We also are looking to add iPads to each of our “ELMO” systems to facilitate more technology integration. As well, we are gearing towards one to one implementation of iPads in certain areas of the high school next fall.

Secondly, many of you asked about building plans. We are working with a group in the development of a building plan for high school. My desire is to roll out a capital campaign for the development of a building project in 2014. I am committed to not putting our school in major debt to the point that we have to raise tuition exorbitantly. We will use the same approach we used with the athletic complex and attempt to build in phases without incurring major debt. In the meantime, we will continue to remodel rooms inside our building to create more classrooms and continue to move core classrooms out of modulars as we have done the last two years. I will have a plan for the development of facilities and a vision for MCA’s future that I will share early in 2014 with you.

We have taken to heart your desire to expand foreign language in the lower and middle school and will do so next fall. I will give you details on how we plan to expand this program and integrate with technology in the coming weeks. Also, we will be making a major push this next year in the fine arts offerings. First, we will be launching “Marching Band” next fall. What a great new opportunity for our students. We will also be expanding our music and drama offerings in the Upper School next year. Our push these next three years will be to grow our Fine Arts program into one of the best in the area.

Next week, I will provide more feedback from the survey.