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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Mr. C's Blog

Parent Survey Feedback-Part Two

November 22, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

In last week’s communicator, I began to share with you some of the results and action plans from the parent survey. This week I will provide the final results and action plans we are initiating from this survey.

First, the surveys revealed to us that many of you are looking for us to expand and upgrade our playgrounds. We will soon begin the expansion of our current playgrounds to include areas adjacent to the Children’s Building. We will be moving away from mulch on some playgrounds and instead installing a cleaner and upgraded surface for the children to play on. The upgrades will provide not only better play areas but also will be more secure in regards to their proximity to the building.

In addition, we will also be looking to add grassy play areas in the coming months behind our back parking lot. We are studying these areas now for the future development of play areas and for use with sports such as tennis and track.

Also, the survey results showed that parents would like to see us expand guidance services in the school. From the feedback, we have begun planning to expand guidance and career services. We hope to unveil our plans to you in early Spring 2014.

The survey also revealed to us that a good number of you would like to see us enhance the apologetics exposure for all ages of our students. Therefore, when we come back from Christmas we will launch a three day apologetics seminar for our students entitled “Building on a Rock.” The Museum of Truth will be here with over 300 artifacts and incredible information that point to the truth of the Bible. We will also be directing age appropriate learning in the classroom and special seminars that week that will work to solidify a foundation of truth with our students.

Furthermore, the surveys gave us feedback so that we will continue to structure the professional development of our teachers and our academic support program to better meet the individualized needs of each student. We will be working with staff to develop and implement an action plan to address this issue.

Additionally, we will work to continually improve security and look for ways to improve traffic flow on the campus. Our leadership team is currently working on some of those plans and we hope to provide you with our ideas in the coming weeks. Please look for a MCA vision casting event in the spring.

Finally, our needs drive, Operation Care, is well underway and I so appreciate your support of this program in meeting the needs of those less fortunate in our community. As you grocery shop during this season, please look for those specials of non-perishable food and continue to help our school help others. I love that the Metrolina community is such a loving and giving community.