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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Mr. C's Blog

No One Like Him

February 06, 2015
By Rev. Rick Calloway

He prayed, “O Lord, God of Israel, there is no God like you in all of heaven and earth. You keep your covenant and show unfailing love to all who walk before you in wholehearted devotion.”  2 Chronicles 6:14

These last two weeks have been such a great reminder of how good God is to us here at Metrolina. We have renewed our accreditation just this week as we have hosted a team from ACSI and SACS. Our staff and faculty have worked so hard to make our school one of distinction and quality. What a blessing it is to have an accreditation team from the outside affirm that.

God has also reminded me this past week of how good He has been to us by providing us with such great students and families. We have just experienced an overwhelming response to re-enrollment and an overflow response to the first week of Open Enrollment. God has indeed been so good to us.

As 2 Chronicles 6:14 declares, He has kept His promises and shown us His unfailing love all these years here at our school. I pray that I will never take for granted how much God has blessed us here at Metrolina. There is no one like our God. I would have never dreamed 17 years ago when I started at this young small school of all that the Lord would do in this place and the community that He would build. I praise Him for what He has done and I look with great anticipation to all that He will do in the years to come on this campus.

The staff and I appreciate your support more than you will ever know. I promise that we will always work hard to continually improve our programs and create additional opportunities each year that will allow our students to grow academically and spiritually. Our students deserve our best each day! More than that, we will work each day to honor God and point our students toward Him.

With that in mind, let me invite you to a short meeting on February 12th in the FBCIT Worship Center at 6:45 p.m. That night, I will unveil our new building plans as well as share our vision for the enhancement of our program. The Welcome to High School and Middle School nights and the College Planning seminar will follow this presentation. Families of all ages are invited to the vision casting portion at the beginning. I promise to keep you a very short time.

Once again, thank you for the love and support you show our staff and faculty. You are a blessing to us!