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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Mr. C's Blog

Team Member Tuesday- Mrs. Bond

April 28, 2015
By MCA Communications

It is Team Member Tuesday and we are recognizing Sharon Bond. She has been at MCA for 9 years and she is currently teaching 5th Grade Language Arts. Mrs. Bond says she loves the story of Esther and is especially drawn to Esther 4:14 - "You might keep quiet at this time. Then someone will have to help and save the Jews. But you and your father's family will all die. And who knows, you may have been chosen queen for such a time as this." She says this reminds her that we are all in particular places at specific times in our lives and we have choices to make (quite often, very difficult ones) that impact us as well as those around us and how important it is to make decisions according to God's purpose. We asked Mrs. Bond why she enjoys teaching at MCA and this is what she said:

“There are so many reasons why I enjoy teaching at MCA and it's difficult to narrow it down. Probably, one of the main reasons is because of our focus and mission - which does not change with new studies or trends. I love the fact that at any time during the day, if someone is in need, they can be ministered to, loved on, and further supported. I like being able to share amazing truths and aspects of God and His creation with my students - and point them out in our studies, making them aware of His greatness. I love the genuine willingness to serve from students, parents, teachers, & administration that can be seen all around campus. And I could go on ...”

There are many reasons why we love Mrs. Bond! She is such a blessing to our students, families, and staff. Thank you for all that you do Mrs. Bond!