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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Mr. C's Blog

The Future of MCA

December 04, 2015
By Rev. Rick Calloway

“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.” Proverbs 24:27

As we prepare to turn the page for 2015 and look forward to the year 2016, I wanted to provide you with a small update as to the planning process for the future of Metrolina Christian Academy. Our administrative team has begun the planning process which will culminate in a new four year plan for our school that will lead us to the year 2020. We are calling this plan Vision 2020.

Vision 2020 will be a comprehensive plan that will address all of the key components of our program such as spiritual growth, academic enhancements, community focus, security  enhancements, and facility improvements.  Below, I have provided you with a small glimpse of some of what we are planning for the future of MCA.


· We will continue to strengthen the spiritual foundations of our school

· We will continue to strengthen our chapel program

· We will continue to strengthen our Bible courses

· We will embed leadership training in Bible courses at each HS grade level

· We will continue to grow student leadership training through Warrior Leadership Program

· We will enroll High School students in  Student Leadership University in the summer of 2016

· We will continue to strengthen our Worldview Intensive to students that will prepare them to defend their faith

· We will continue to strengthen our annual missions program


· We will develop a new three year technology plan that focuses on blended learning and technology integration

· We will increase concurrent and dual enrollment college credit opportunities for high school

· We will continue to expand foreign language opportunities

· We will continue to expand choral music program

· We will introduce more vocational training programs in high school

· We will continue to improve all curriculum guides and instructional methods to enhance student performance

Facility Planning

· We will complete Phase 1 of the Limitless Building Campaign fall 2015 debt free

· We will raise funds and prepare for the  development of Phase 2 of the Limitless Building Campaign in spring of 2016, which will be a new Fine Arts Building

· We will complete the new outdoor physical education space in early spring 2016

· We will continue to enhance playground spaces on campus

· We will begin planning for the addition of tennis courts and an outdoor track

· We will begin planning for Phases Three and Four of our Limitless Building Campaign

Vision 2020 will be all about continuing to reshape our campus, enhance our programs, and expand our community. I have never been more excited about the future of our school and I will share more with you in the days ahead.