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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Mr. C's Blog

Refusing to Give Up

September 09, 2016
By Rev. Rick Calloway

I can be a little stubborn. Once I determine something in my heart and mind, I do not like to give up or quit. Sometimes I do this to my own detriment. A great example of this came this summer when my family went to Disney World on vacation. As usual, Orlando was extremely hot in June. Late one afternoon, I began to feel unwell after being in the heat for several hours. However, I was determined to do it all and get my money’s worth regardless of how I felt. That refusal to give up led me to ride a roller coaster that I had no business getting on with the way I felt. After that ride, I began to pay the price of my stubbornness and refusal to quit by feeling completely awful.

Most times though, refusing to quit or give up is a good thing. We need more people who will see their commitments through and live up to what they have promised to do. I am so grateful today that we serve a God who never gives quits. I love how Psalm 86:15 describes this quality of God when it says:

“But you, O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and you never, never quit.

That verse is so rich with great truths about God that should give us a renewed hope. I am sure that there are people who will read this blog who are struggling with the idea that they have let God down in some way. Regardless of the way that you feel today, this verse reminds us that God has never given up on us. God loves us immensely and is patient with us.

We all hear many sermons that remind us of things that we need to do or change. We need those sermons and devotions. However, I think it is also time that we hear more of God’s character, love, and commitment to us.

I hope that you will be reminded through this verse that no matter what you have done, no matter how far you have fallen away from God, or no matter what Satan whispers in your ear that God still loves you more than you can ever imagine and He will not give up on you.

With that truth in mind of how God loves us, I pray that we will begin to love others the same way. Our world needs to see Christians, who will be tender and kind, immense in love toward others, and refusing to quit making a difference in the lives of others.

We have seen enough hate and violence in our world. Can you imagine what might happen if we as followers of Jesus Christ would truly begin to love others as Christ loved us? The world is not only ready for that type of love but is also crying out for it.

I pray that we will begin to live our lives with the love described in Psalm 86:15 and refuse to give up on a world that desperately needs Jesus!