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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

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The Right Response

December 01, 2017
By Rev. Rick Calloway

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.” Psalm 62:5

Someone once said that there are two things certain in this lifetime. Those two things being death and taxes. While that is true, I do believe that there are at least two items left off that list that are also a certainty for this life. I believe that having trouble and being attacked are as inevitable as death and taxes.

In Psalm 62, the Psalmist speaks of such a time in his life. Verse 4 says: “They plan to topple me from my high position. They delight in telling lies about me. They praise me to my face but curse me in their hearts.” He is under attack and is indeed feeling the pressure.

We also experience such times in our lives. I know from personal experience that when we are attacked can be some of the hardest times of our lives. We feel hurt and abandoned and all alone. It would be very easy to respond in anger and frustration at those who are attempting to hurt us. You want to be able to set the record straight and tell the truth.

How should we respond? The Psalmist instructs us that during these attacks that we are “to wait quietly before the Lord.” What? He is telling us not to respond and not to lash out but instead to wait on God. In fact, he tells us “with all I am” or in other words, with my whole being I am to wait. Why does he tell us to wait on God?

The Psalmist has realized what we all need to be reminded of as followers of Christ. The Psalmist has realized that “my hope is in Him.” He goes on to explain this further in verse 6 when he says: “He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.”

The Psalmist is reminding us that no effort of our own to protect ourselves will work the way we want it to. He is reminding us that our best and only hope is to wait on the Lord. Responding to these difficult times requires that we too know that God “alone is our rock and salvation.” He is the only one who can be trusted to keep us safe and unmoved during these times.

I heard someone say once that “sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to discover that there is a rock at the bottom” and that rock is God.

For those of you who may be going through some tough times today, I pray that you will be encouraged to wait quietly before the Lord. I pray that you would find hope in resting on the rock of God Himself.

I pray that you will find God to be your “fortress where you will not be shaken!”