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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

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Raising Our Kids with A Goal in Mind

January 26, 2018
By Rev. Rick Calloway

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” C.S. Lewis

Recently, I read an interesting survey of parents on how they decide what activities and commitments their family will participate in.  The survey found that 54% of all parents will decide to do activities or pursue commitments if they are good for developing their children’s character. 46% of parents surveyed stated that they made the decisions based on whether it makes their kids and family happy.

It is good that most parents still believe that character development should be the top criteria for how we raise our children. But clearly, many people do not have an intentional plan for accomplishing character development in their children.

In our world, the most successful companies have a mission statement and execute their activities around that mission statement. For example, Walmart’s mission statement is: “Saving people money so they can live better.”

When you observe Walmart’s marketing strategy or visit their stores, you can clearly see they operate by that mission statement and have been quite successful in doing so over the years. I believe the same type of principle holds true when it comes to raising our children. God’s Word has provided us with a clear mission as to how to raise our kids with a goal in mind.

Proverbs 22:6 instructs us “to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” This verse has a clear goal in mind that our children would be raised to follow and love God in such a way that it provides them a faith that would sustain them and last a lifetime.

Do we have a goal in mind when it comes to raising our children? Are we too focused on making them happy? Are we too focused on sports achievements, activities, and achieving worldly success?

As Christian parents, God is wanting us to be focused on raising our children to love, pursue, and follow God the rest of their lives. Yes, I do believe that He would have us as parents develop a mission statement for our families that reflects this pursuit of God and character development so that we do not get caught up in chasing things in this world that have no significance.

God Himself had a plan on how Jesus was to be raised and it is found in Luke 2:52. That verse says: “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.”  The focus for Jesus was to grow in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man. That is a pretty solid plan that we could use with our children to ensure that they would be trained “in the way they should go”. I pray that all of us as parents would begin to develop an intentional plan for raising our kids to follow God with an eternal end in mind!