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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

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Archives - August 2012

Student Outcomes

August 30, 2012
By Rev. Rick Calloway

I wanted to take a moment in my weekly email and give you some really encouraging news about one of the most comprehensive surveys ever completed on North American K-12 Christian Education.

This survey was by the Cardus Group which is a North American think tank and the University Of Notre Dame.Cardus wanted to undertake a study that would help fill knowledge gaps about K-12 Christian education and help interested parties better understand the intended and actual outcomes of Christian education in academics, spiritual development, and cultural engagement in the United States and Canada. The report compared the student outcomes in the areas above of protestant Christian schools, public schools, Catholic schools, and non-religious private schools.

First, let me begin by sharing with you some of the key spiritual results. The study found that Christian school graduates are more likely to: be committed to their churches, more likely to stay committed to their faith throughout life, more likely to give and volunteer, spend more time reading their Bible, more likely to show respect for authority, more likely to believe in absolute truth, more likely to be grateful, and so much more.

The study also found that Christian school graduates are less likely to divorce, less likely to be involved in premarital sex, and less likely to have doubts about their salvation. It also shows that Christian school graduates have a stronger sense of direction for life and are able to deal with problems that arise more effectively.

From the academic side, the study shows that Christian schools and Catholic schools consistently outperform their public school counterparts. Christian schools like Metrolina score consistently 20 percentage points higher than the norm on national standardized tests. The National Assessment of Educational Progress(NAEP), the nations report card, concurs with the Cardus Group that Christian schools are in the top 10% of the country's schools in terms of academic progress.

The Cardus Education Survey confirms what I as a parent have known in my heart for years. Specifically, that teaching God's truth to our children changes their lives . However, this study also demonstrates that though we strive for spiritual outcomes we are strong in our approach to academics as our students are performing at the highest levels as compared to any school system in the country.

I have seen this in our results here at Metrolina as our students are being sought and accepted by colleges and universities all over this country. For instance, our class of 2012 with 52 seniors received over 4 million dollars in scholarship opportunities this past year.

Indeed, the Cardus Education Survey is one of the most impacting studies that I have seen that validates Christian Education from an unbiased empirical research group. I look forward to getting out a more detailed look at this study to you in the coming weeks.

I love serving your family!


Welcome Back

August 23, 2012
By Rev. Rick Calloway

School is off to a great start. It is so exciting to see all the students and families back this year. I also want to welcome all of our new families to Metrolina as we begin the year. This morning I again thanked God for blessing us with such great families and students.

This school year holds special significance as we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a school. With that in mind, God has put on my heart in recent days our theme for this year. Our theme for the year comes from Romans 15:5-6 and in particular verse 6. In that verse, the Apostle Paul declares "That we may with one heart and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

My prayer is that we would come together as a school family this year as never before and bring honor and glory to Jesus in all that we say and do. I have begun already to ask God to do great things in our midst this year. We are committed to working hard every day to maintain our high academic standards but we are also committed to always being a distinctively Christian school.

My daughter Katie reminded me this summer of a great Oswald Chambers quote that once again spoke to me of what I need to be pursuing in my daily walk. Chambers raised the question: "Are you so appreciative of the marvelous salvation of Jesus Christ that you are your utmost for His Highest?"

I keep that question in a prominent place in my office so that I might daily be reminded of all that Jesus gave to me through His marvelous gift of salvation and that I need to be doing my best each day as a love gift back to Him. I know I can never earn or repay Him for what He did for me but out of love I want to give my best for Him each day.

I pray that this quote will be a blessing to you as well today and that it might cause each of us to stop and thank Him for saving us and giving us new life. I want you to know that the faculty, staff, and I love our students and we are so passionate about helping them to be all that God birthed them to be.

We look forward to a great year and I pray that you will lift us up in prayer each day as we serve the Lord together with "One Heart."