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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

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Archives - October 2013

School Programs and Improvement Update

October 25, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

At Metrolina, we are continually committed to improving our program so that we can not only improve student learning but also their experience here at our school. I wanted to provide you with an update of some improvements that have already begun and also improvements that are on the way shortly.

In regards to academic improvements, we will be in the next few weeks ordering mobile iPad labs for our lower and middle schools to better integrate technology into those classrooms. As well, we are planning for the implementation of iPads for high school students next school year. At that time, all high school students will be required to have their own iPad as we will use them for access to many of our textbooks and other educational applications. This will help to reduce heavy backpacks and what students will need each day.

We are also planning for the addition of music and drama to our middle school program for next year. We will also be integrating foreign language and technology in both the lower and middle school next year. In the high school, we will introduce more college classes taught by our own teachers next year to provide more opportunities for our students to earn college credit while still in high school.

On the athletic side, we are installing bleachers for both softball and baseball at the fields’ complex for their upcoming seasons. This seating will greatly enhance our fans experience at these events. As well, we just received new wrestling mats for our wrestling teams. Furthermore, our new cross country course just recently opened.

We also are hoping to install bathrooms in the coming weeks at the complex. In the spring, we hope to raise money to provide additional bleachers at our football stadium. We continue to plan for the future of athletics as we are looking at developing on our campus additional track and tennis facilities. In addition, we are also planning to expand and upgrade our playground spaces in the coming weeks with money raised through our Cornerstone program. It is our desire to expand playgrounds around our children’s building to make the playgrounds more accessible and secure for our early education and lower school students.

Also, we are planning for the remodel of existing space to create more classrooms for our students. We are meeting with contractors planning for a small expansion of classrooms on our campus in the not too distant future. Our plan also includes providing space for other groups such as cheerleading and dance programs. I will update you on any building plans once they are finalized.

Finally, once we have reviewed our parent surveys we will be providing you with feedback as to the results and our plans for addressing your ideas. I greatly appreciate all of your support and prayers as we seek to honor God through the continued development of Metrolina. 

Down but Not Out

October 18, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

It is a very hard thing to be discouraged and hurt. Psalm 34:18 tells us that “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” The circumstances of life at times can be so overwhelming.

Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes life just hurts. There are heartaches at times that nag at our very being. Psalm 34:18 reminds me that the Lord has not forgotten me during these times. In fact, He is a lot closer than I realize during these most hurtful times.

I am also reminded today that during these times of disappointment and hurt God is still working behind the scenes of my life. He still has a plan and a purpose for my life that He longs to reveal to me. Isaiah 64:4 declares: “No eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him.” Jeremiah 31:3 also tells us that “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued faithfulness to you.” These two verses remind me that even in the darkest times when I am so discouraged that God is still faithful. He is still working to bring about good in my life and putting me on a path to be more like Him.

I pray that these verses will encourage you today if you are in the middle of a discouraging time in your life or if things are good right now hold onto these verses when those dark days do come. My parents used to tell me in tough times to always remember that “the things that seemed over my head were already under God’s feet so trust Him”.

On another note, we have endeavored as a school over the years to understand the needs of our students and families as we have planned our program. As well, we have not only solicited but also valued your feedback on how we are meeting the educational and spiritual needs of your family.

In keeping with that, we are once again asking for your feedback on the operation of our school so that we might be constantly focused on improving our program. We are asking that each of our families complete a parent survey, either the online or paper version, between October 21st and November 4th

These surveys will help us to understand the various perspectives of parents as well as to improve communication and gain valuable insight as to how to improve our program. We will use this feedback to guide us in school improvement planning. We will also provide you results of the surveys through our weekly email communicator, social media, and annual reports.

The survey link will be sent to you next week via email or if you prefer, paper surveys will be available at our offices. The email next week will also detail how your child can gain extra credit for you completing the survey. Please be assured the surveys will be anonymous so that we can gain honest feedback.

The Need for a Plan

October 11, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

A few weeks ago, I began a series on developing a strategy for raising kids entitled “TRAIN”. As you recall, the components of the “TRAIN” strategy were as follows:

T - Giving our kids a “Transcendent Purpose and Big Picture”

R - Giving our kids a “Reverence and Heart for God and the Foundation    

      of Honor and Respect”

A - Giving us “A 3D Strategy for Discipline, Discernment, and


I – Teaching us that “I must allow God’s Refining Process to Be


I want to provide the last component of “TRAIN” this week. The “N” portion of the strategy calls for us to realize the “Need for a Plan”. Ephesians 6:4 instructs us to bring our children “up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”In order to do so, I knew that I would need to develop a spiritual plan because without one the busyness of life would keep me from this most important task.

First, I knew that I must develop a plan for my own spiritual growth if I were to effectively lead my family spiritually. My pastor has always taught me that my family will never rise above where I am at spiritually. Therefore, it is essential that we prioritize our relationship with God and do all we can to grow in our love relationship with Him.

Next, I was convinced that I must commit to developing a plan for the spiritual growth of my marriage. Ephesians 5:25 tells me as a husband that I am ‘to love my wife as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.’ In other words, I am to love her sacrificially and always put my needs behind hers. With this approach, I could then be more effective as the spiritual leader of my home.

The last part of a plan that is needed is for the spiritual development of my children. Luke 2:52 which describes how Jesus was raised is a great model for developing a plan to develop our kids spiritually. The Bible says that “He grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man.”

I am convinced also that the plan for the spiritual development of our children must include the instilling of several disciplines into our family life. One such discipline I wanted to instill in my children is the importance of going to church and the priority it must have in our lives. My wife and I never let sports or any other activity take precedence over going to church. Also, I wanted to teach my children the discipline of time with God on a daily basis individually and as a family and how important that is to their spiritual growth.

My wife and I have also been diligent to teach our children the discipline of a good work ethic and the importance of family. At the end of it all, it was important for us to create a spiritual legacy for our children and do as Psalm 78 instructs and pass our faith to our children.

I pray that these verses of scripture and ideas that I have shared with you will be a blessing as you lead your kids in growing towards the Lord!

The Difficulties of Life

October 04, 2013
By Rev. Rick Calloway

We began three weeks ago discussing how to raise Godly children with a strategy I called “TRAIN.” This week I want to discuss the “I” portion of that strategy. The “I” stands for I must allow God’s refining process to be complete in my life and that of my children.

The Bible teaches us that trials enhance the spiritual growth of our children and ourselves. James 1:2-4 tells us to “Count it all joy when you fall into different trials; knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience. But let patience have its complete work, that you may be complete and entire, wanting nothing.” Our natural tendency is to do all we can to escape trials and to keep our children from them as well.

However, the reality is that the trials come anyway. These verses in James remind us to let them run their course so that we might grow spiritually stronger. The same holds true in raising our children. This is especially true for our children when the trials they find themselves are of their own making.

I want my children prepared for the difficulties of life and James reminds me that the only way to do so with great benefit later on is to allow the trial to have its complete work in their lives. In verse 4, James uses the phrase “wanting nothing.” That does not mean having everything you may want but instead means being spiritually mature in their faith.

There is an old adage that mirrors what James is saying when it states: “We must prepare our children for the road and not the road for our children.” In other words, we cannot solve every problem, and pick every personality and situation that we believe is best for our children and expect our children to be ready to face the difficulties that this life will bring.

On another note, the Cornerstone Annual Kick-Off has begun with a great start. I have been so blessed to see so many of our families stepping forward to give. The campaign of “I Am a Reason” is so relevant when we consider that there are almost 1200 reasons (students) to give in an effort to support the cause of Christian education at Metrolina!

Please continue to pray, promote, and participate in the Cornerstone Kick-Off as we attempt to finish this year’s annual fund drive very strong. God is up to some really big things on our campus and your support is making all of that possible!