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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Visitors Policy

All visitors to the school, including school parents, are required to—Stop at the front desk of either the Upper School or Lower School Office, Sign the visitor log, and Obtain a “Visitor/ Volunteer” Badge. 

MCA does not allow visits by students not attending our school. MCA reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone on Campus for whatever reason before, during, and after school hours. However, MCA does allow visits by MCA alumni.

Early Pick-Up Policy

To sign out a student early, please:
  1. Tell the receptionist the Students Full Name.

  2. Show your ID for verification of authorization that you are on the students school record.

  3. Sign Out your Student on the Student Sign Out/In Log.

  4. If you bring your student back to school, Sign Your Student In.