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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Critical Thinking

Students are taught to think critically by creating conditions that encourage them to “turn on” their brains and actively engage in challenging problems, logic puzzles, and solving mysteries.


Throughout the year, students are encouraged and inspired to compete in many opportunities that enhance leadership, communication, and performance skills.

  •   CyberKids Robotics
  •   Science Fair
  •   National Geography Bee

Field Trips

Trips are scheduled to take stutdent's off campus in order to broaden their scope of the world around them. Field trips have included:

  •   State capitol to Raleigh
  •   Performance at the Blumenthal Performing Arts
  •   Bank of America Stadium   
  •   EdVenture Museum                                                                                                                                                              



Students will take the mathematical concepts learned in their math class and apply it to more complex problems in order to solve them. Time will be spent studying the relationships between numbers, measurements, patterns, and how God’s nature is demonstrated through them.  


In science, God’s world will be investigated through demonstrations, dissections and interactive investigations. Students will use tools to explore physics and earth and life sciences as they process information using the scientific methods.


EXPLORE students are using technology weekly while in and outside of class. A class set of iPads will be available to the students to help enhance their learning while stimulating higher cognitive thinking. Kidblog, a digital classroom blog, provides a safe and private outlet for students to publish their own posts and simultaneously express themselves in a creative way while sharing their ideas with their peers.