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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

EXPLORE is a program for gifted learners that supports their unique development while providing opportunities for them to think, communicate, investigate, and to indepently inquire in all areas of the curriculum.

The following evaluative data is considered when inviting students to be a part of EXPLORE:

Student Academic Performance of 90% or higher

Terra Nova Achievement score of 85% or higher

ABC Educational Services Admissions Assessment score of 122 or higher

Enrolled in EXPLORE during the previous school year

The program is year-long.

Students need to bring a snack and water bottle.

Mrs. Leigh Harris, Mrs. Sharon Bond, and various other teachers.

A refund or credit will be applied if a student does not continue with EXPLORE. The refund or credit will be effective the first full month the student does not attend.

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of behavior and academic performance. If a student's grades fall below 90 or his or her behavior does not exemplify that of the highest standards, he or she will be placed on probation for one quarter.

Yes, field trips are scheduled throughout the year.

Students will be exploring various month long units that encompass the core academics as well as technology, teamwork skills, and problem solving.