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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

As you visit the various Fine Arts venues on the campus of MCA, you sense the energy and excitement that generates from the students and their love for the Arts. The Fine Arts program at MCA provides students of all ages an avenue to discover, develop, and demonstrate their God-given talents. Our desire is to guide and equip students to unleash their own creativity and learn the techniques to create their own masterpiece.  

From our Lower School Choir to Acting Class to Middle School Chorus, Praise Dance, Bands, and Upper School Drama to Visual Arts, Pottery, Photography, and Glass Design, Metrolina Christian invests in, develops, and matures the artist and performer in every child. Instructions for registering for Private Music Lessons & Performing Arts

Fine Arts

Students in sixth through twelfth grades study the fundamentals of music through playing wind or percussion instruments. The mission of the band program is to lead students to quality music-making experiences through exercising personal responsibility and commitment to group goals, and demonstrating proper stewardship of God’s gift of music. Band students serve the school body at athletic events and also perform at a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert.

The Lord continues to bless our dance program at MCA with talented young ladies and a passionate and dedicated dance instructor. Students of all skill levels have joined together to discover the art of dance as a vehicle of meaningful worship. The dance program was created to give students of all ages the opportunities to showcase their talents and shard God’s presence throughout the school and community. Dance classes include tap, ballet, and jazz with opportunities to showcase their talents at various events.

The mission of the MCA Theatre program is to inspire students to achieve their God-given potential in theatre, including both acting and technical expertise, through excellent productions and classes in a professional and challenging environment. Lower school students have the opportunity to participate in an acting class after school for those interested in developing their confidence, selfesteem and skill in verbal communication. In high school, students have Drama I, Drama II and Advanced Drama available to them. Theatre students have productions each year in which they may participate, either as actors or as part of the student-led technical crew. With the focus on becoming a growing and developing artist, students experience a variety of dramatic works.

The vocal music department is committed to the development of each individual student in the areas of music theory and appreciation, worship, and performance. Our classes are designed to encourage exploration and participation in each of these areas, using a variety of activities. Each year, the music department prepares programs where the students have an opportunity to perform for family and friends and to showcase the talents God has given them. These performances are an integral part of each student’s music education.

The Visual Arts program is both vertical and horizontal in approach. With the philosophy grounded in the words of Psalms 19, God is indeed creative and His works are truly indescribable; therefore, children are given the same gift of creativity, in the image of their Creator. With a captive audience, the art educators formulate a balanced and developmentally-appropriate experience for the students while intentionally connecting art to other content areas. The instructional purpose is to give students the skills that can enhance their academic work, enrich their cultural understanding and open avenues for creative expressions. The visual arts are taught from a biblical perspective relating art creation to art history and aesthetics.