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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Academic Support - Lower School

Reading Intervention

This program is for our early learners who are most at-risk of reading failure. Students receive individualized instructional lessons tailored to specific learning goals for their identified areas of growth. All instructional materials and strategies are approved Barton Reading and Spelling and Orton-Gillingham Approach tools which foster multi-sensory, direct, explicit, structured, and sequential instruction.

Math Intervention

This program is designed to support students who display learning deficits in math. Students receive small group instruction tailored to specific learning goals for their identified areas of growth. The teacher provides practical strategies and multi-sensory activities to meet each child’s mathematical needs.

Language Arts Foundations

Available for students in grades 4-8

In the Language Arts classes, students are provided extra time and opportunity for success in building vocabulary, core grammar concepts, and essential writing skills that will foster key reading and writing development throughout the middle school years. In order for students to develop confidence and strengthen their deficiencies, they will practice specific reading and writing strategies in a directed, small-group class that is aimed at mastery of content and skill acquisition.

Math Foundations

Available for students in grades 4-8

Math Foundations classes are designed to help students develop and strengthen critical math skills. In this course, students will gain understanding of mathematical concepts that are foundational to be confident learners throughout their school career.Students will have the opportunity to learn and absorb the material through differentiated instruction that will allow the learners to fully comprehend the concepts.


The Monitoring Program is designed to assist students who need academic coaching and a little extra help with maintaining organization.Students will attend before or after school sessions to check and connect with ASP teachers who will evaluate and monitor their progress on ParentsWeb and foster the development of students’ self-advocacy skills.

Academic Support

Academic Support is created for students with a documented disability that impacts their learning in a traditional classroom.Based on the educational evaluation, a Student Action Plan is developed to outline specific learning goals, classroom and testing accommodations, and necessary services to support student learning that fosters the child’s overall development.