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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

MCA Warrior Service Program

Metrolina Christian Academy seeks to instill a sense of commitment to serving others, thus students are required to complete a number of community service hours each year. The community service hours will be tracked and reported through their respective Bible classes using the Community Service Documentation Form. It is the responsibility of the student to acquire these forms from their Bible teacher and fill them out accordingly. This service project must be completed by the end of the third nine weeks and will count as a test grade.

Requirements per grade:
  • Freshmen: 16 hours

  • Sophomore: 20 hours

  • Junior: 24 hours

  • Senior: 28 hours

  • Students may participate in service projects for their church or nonprofit organization.

  • School clubs may conduct service projects in which students may receive credit for the service program as long as it does not require the students to participate during school hours.

  • All mission trips (combined) receive 1/2 credit toward the total hours required.

  • Students may not be monetarily compensated at any time for the projects.

  • Students may not perform service projects for immediate family.

  • Students may not count hours used as a manager for a sports team.

  • Students may not perform service projects for other friends (i.e. washing their car)

  • Students may not count service projects that cause them to miss class.

  • Service hours must come from at least two different sources.

  • All service hours must be completed and turned into Bible teacher by the end of Quarter 3.