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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6
First Graders in Technology class

Technology Enrichment/Elective Classes

Beginning in TK, students visit the technology lab weekly and participate in scheduled enrichment age-appropriate classes. MCA’s Lower School lab encompasses a broad curriculum including office application, using digital tools to create interdisciplinary projects, exploring faraway places with Google Earth, and introductory programming. Students experience fun and delight while learning is cleverly disguised.

In Middle School, students in Sixth – Eighth Grade have nine weeks of direct computer instruction each year.  This instruction is geared toward developing proper keyboarding skills, application of Microsoft Office programs and developing research skills. The classes are taught in a fun and developmentally appropriate manner that will foster integration of technology and learning.  Middle School students also have the opportunity to use the computer labs as a part of the classroom curriculum.

In High School, students in Ninth-Twelfth Grade have access to technology labs for elective classes and dual credit college classes. The goal of these classes is for students to be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate confidence in their use of technology through risk-taking and problem-solving guided by Biblical principles
  • Use godly discernment and critical thinking skills in their application of technology and media
  • Incorporate a variety of tools and methods as effective users of technology
  • Analyze and interpret media messages from a biblical worldview