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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

As home educators and Christian school educators, we share the common goal of providing quality Christian education for the children God has placed in our care. If you are in agreement with our goals and philosophy, you are invited to make application for enrollment at Metrolina Christian Academy.

The first step in this partnership is to contact our office. For further information please e-mail the Admissions Team.


1. Submit an online application application (click "Apply Online" from the Admissions page) with the following:
    • Transcript (2 years).
    • Recent standardized test scores (2 years).
    • Copy of registration with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction.
    • A $225.00 application fee (non-refundable).
2. Review of Transcript (Contact Homeschool Support Program Coordinator for assistance in developing transcript).
3. Placement testing in some areas including math, science and foreign language may be required.
4. Parent / student interview (Grades 6-12).
5. Notification of decision/placement.

Enrollment in any middle school or high school class is contingent upon space available and academic eligibility for the class. Space available is determined after the full-time students' schedules have been set and confirmed near the end of the summer.  Academic eligibility will be determined by a review of the student’s records. Testing will be conducted if it is deemed appropriate. The tuition is $1000 per class per year. This includes textbooks, but may not include lab fees or other class fees.

Classes are offered in the following areas of study:
Bible, Language Arts/English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Physical Education, and Fine Arts


The primary purpose of this program is to provide a variety of quality artistic experiences to help students of all ages and abilities develop lifelong musical foundations and skills. Our band director is eager to share the talent God had blessed him with for the development of students’ performance, understanding and appreciation of the arts. 

We also offer the following programs: Beginner Band, Intermediate Band, and Wind Ensemble. For more information on any of the music programs, please email Mr. Owens

In addition to our class offerings all students enrolled in a band class have the opportunity to participate in many band-related extracurricular activities. These include: Pep Band for football and basketball Games, the Winthrop Invitational Clinic, the South Central All-District Band Clinic and the Union All-County Band Clinic.

Homeschool students are invited to attend Chapel. Upper School Chapel meets weekly on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Our chapels are exciting and uplifting through powerful worship and incredible Bible teaching. We seek to bring in many of the best speakers available for our chapels. Chapel schedules are available on our website. Homeschool students in grades 6th-12th may participate without a parent but will sit near a faculty member. All homeschool students who attend Chapel must complete a registration/participation form and sign in at the office each time they attend Chapel.