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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

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I Pray...

August 21, 2017
By Ronnie Plyler

I ask that you read this slowly…my heart written below. This is my prayer for you, the Metrolina Christian Academy Coaching staff of 2017-18. Christ showed how prayer was necessary by always praying. He changed when praying. He received power when praying. Church may not change you…prayer does. You can keep going to church, Sunday School, or youth group and never change…BUT you can’t continually pray to our Lord Jesus and NOT change.

Oh Lord, I pray our strength would grow weary and weak until our souls are hungry for one more word from You.

I pray our actions be met with no applause and no regard until our spirits yearn for a touch from You.

I pray we will only be able to teach well, when we demonstrate a whole-hearted effort in delivering Your Word.

I pray our communication with others will be effective only when we rend our hearts with our own sin opening the communication with You, our Lord.

I pray we seek souls over wins, teamwork over victories, community over praise, unity over ease, spiritual health over physical accomplishments. This will require our effort and Your Spirit, O God.

Oh Lord, may our coaching staff be molded to liken Your life in the open-field of athletics and in the retreats of our prayer closet…You alone emptied yourself to God our Father at Gethsemane.

Let our hearts be broken for the unbelievers on our team…Let our minds be pure to provide words of wisdom to those who believe.

And Lord…when our eyes stray or hearts grow lukewarm…remind us that we are ONE with you, forgive us, and welcome us back into a right relationship with You that we so deeply need!