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Lunch Policy

One of the priorities at MCA is to provide your child with a nutritious lunch each day. In an effort to keep tuition at an affordable rate, we want to be conscious of our food costs; therefore, we will not be issuing credits due to absences, field trips, etc. 

If your child leaves their lunch at home, accommodations will be made for him/her to have a lunch.  However, it may not necessarily be what is on the menu for that day.  Your monthly statement will reflect the lunch charges incurred by your child. Payment is due at the time of the lunch order.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Laney for Lower School, Denise Cranford for Middle School or Becky Sutton for High School.

Ordering Lunch

For the 2017-2018 school year, lunch orders can be submitted beginning August 16, 2017. All school lunches will be ordered online through ParentsWeb. Lunch will be ordered a week at a time, for the following week.  NO lunch credits will be issued due to absences, field trips, etc.

Students who do not order lunch by the due date will not be served a vendor lunch.  Upper School students can purchase from the Grab-N-Go options. Lower School students will receive an alternate lunch which may include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips, and milk if they don’t have a lunch. The cost of the alternate lunch will be billed to the family account.

Instructions for Ordering Lunch:
  1. Log onto ParentsWeb.
  2. Select Student Information.
  3. Select Lunch.
  4. Select the Student for whom you are ordering lunch.
  5. Select the week. The week can be changed by selecting the arrows next to the week.
  6. Select Create Web Order. This is located above the calendar.
  7. Lunch for each day will be shown on the list. To order lunch put a “1” for Qty by the lunch to be ordered.
  8. Lunch should be ordered for all the days listed at one time.  Placing multiple orders will result in duplicate lunch charges and payments.
  9. The Grand Total at the bottom of the list will show the total ordered for all students in the family.
  10. Select Order Items.  Please review the lunch order before ordering.

NOTE: Each Lower School lunch order includes milk. Milk can also be ordered separately for days a lunch is not ordered.  “Milk without lunch” must be ordered on the first day of the week. For example, if you order milk for 3 days in a week, the Qty listed would be 3. Your child will be responsible for getting the 3 milks that week.

Paying for Lunch
  • All lunch orders must be paid in full when the lunch order is submitted.
  • Payment is due at the time of the order.  Lunch orders will not be placed if payment is not made prior to the vendor lunch order.  
  • For Upper School students, funds can be applied to Grab-N-Go purchases through your lunch account, check, or cash. Grab-N-Go is a selection of items such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream, etc.  Grab-N-Go items do not have to be pre-ordered.  Payment for Grab-N-Go is made from the lunch account balance, cash, or check at the time of purchase.
  • You can pay online for grab-n-go by applying funds to your lunch account on ParentsWeb - FACTS - Prepay Accounts ADD FUNDS.  Online payment is the preferred method of payment. Check payment may be placed in the payment boxes in the Upper School office, lunch room, finance office or sent to school in the Lower School student folders.  One check may be sent in for all students in the family.  Please note in the memo line of the check “Lunch”.  Cash payments must be made in the Upper School Office, Lower School Office, or finance office.  
  • If there is no money in the lunch account or your student does not have cash, the student will be allowed to charge a limited amount of Grab-N-Go purchases. The family limit for lunch charges is $25.00.  Payment must be made so that the lunch balance is $0 by the last day of the month for your child to continue to charge lunch items. 
  • If you do not want your child to charge any purchases, you must notify the finance office via email.
Changing Lunch Orders
  • Once lunch has been ordered through ParentsWeb, you may not make changes to the order. Making changes through ParentsWeb will result in duplicate charges and payments.
  • Changes cannot be made for the current or past weeks.
  • Changes can be made to lunch orders for future weeks by contacting Lee Bartlett at 704.882.3375 or by email.

Please contact Lee Bartlett or Kathy Jackson at 704.882.3375 if you have any questions about ordering lunch through ParentsWeb.