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"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Warrior Servant Leadership Program

The Warrior Servant Leadership Program is more than an opportunity for students to serve, but an attitude and commitment for the community of administrative staff, teachers, support staff, and students of Metrolina to follow the commands of the scripture and the model of Christ seen in Matthew 20:26-28. The WSL Program is a school wide pledge to create more opportunities for service and leadership in an effort to cultivate a lifestyle of service. The WSL Program is an investment of the heart with a single minded purpose to serve, which is part of our Biblical responsibilities as we care for others and our community.

How to … The WSL Program is open to all high school students. Any student interested in the program must sign the WSL Program statement of commitment, complete and submit the application, as well as participate in service and leadership opportunities that meet the required hours listed in the chart below. Participants must attend monthly meetings which will be centered on the theme of servant leadership. Meeting dates, times, and locations will be announced during the weekly news broadcast. The deadline for submission of the application and signed statement of commitment form is September 29th. Any new WSL members in grades 10 through 12 are welcome to join with the requirement that they will complete the service hours for their current grade in addition to the hours from the previous grade level.

  • 12th graders – 40 hours* of service from 3 venues     
  • 11th graders – 40 hours* of service from 3 venues
  • 10th graders – 30 hours* of service from 2 venues     
  • 9th graders – 24 hours* of service from 2 venues

*this includes required Bible Service hours

**Students will be eligible for Highest Honors if they complete a total of 160 hours of service in high school.

In an effort to ensure accountability for all students who have committed to the WSL Program, students are required to submit completed service forms online according to the following schedule.

December 1st for all activities completed between June 1st – November 30th
March 1st for all activities completed between December 1st – February 28th
June 1st for all activities completed between March 1st – May 31st

Rewards …The student who completes the WSL Program will receive recognition at graduation as well as qualify for the WSL Scholarship.