"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6

Limitless Building Campaign

 A Message from Rev. Rick Calloway, Head of School
 Reshape. Enhance. Expand.

For over 22 years, Metrolina Christian Academy has been providing an academically advanced, Biblically integrated program.  From our humble beginnings of 83 students in 1992 to over 1200 students today, Metrolina stands ready to move forward in building new educational and fine arts facilities.  In order to better execute all aspects of our mission, meet the challenges of 21st century education, remove aging modulars, and grow enrollment, several new buildings are needed.  This need is more pressing than ever with the high level of interest from new families and the potential for future growth in the coming years.

With the start of 2015, Metrolina Christian Academy is launching its first on-campus construction project, the Limitless Building Campaign.  The new buildings will add nearly 22,000 square feet of educational space for our students. The goal is to build debt free and have construction completed by 2017.

The Limitless Building Campaign involves the construction of two new educational buildings that will reshape Metrolina's campus, expand our community and enhance the quality of programs available for all age groups for many years to come. Metrolina has always been a place where we have seen our students soar academically, and more importantly, blessed to see God move powerfully in their lives.  It is our desire to use new buildings to further enhance our ability to equip our students with the skills needed to be great servant leaders in the 21st century.  Our desire for the facility expansion is best expressed by the truth found in Proverbs 24:3-4.

"A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense.  Through knowledge its rooms are filled with all sorts of precious riches and valuables."


As these verses state, indeed, our students are precious to us.  We believe providing them with a Christian education and equipping them with a Biblical worldview will not only impact them eternally but also impact our culture eternally.

Like most Christian schools, the majority of Metrolina Christian’s revenues come from tuition and its annual giving, the Cornerstone Fund.  These funds alone will not provide for many of the long term resources needed to advance the school through building projects such as this. 

As a school, Metrolina Christian has been blessed with so many generous donors who have made our growth possible.  In fact, we came together as a school family from 2010- 2014 and made the dream of an outdoor athletic facility a reality.  God provided for this 1.4 million dollar complex in four years, debt free.  Now, we are asking the MCA family to come together again in the Limitless Building Campaign and help develop these new educational facilities - also debt free.

Although buildings are only a part of what makes a school outstanding, we do believe they are critical for our growth and a continued dynamic learning environment.  And we believe …

"Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think."   - Ephesians 3:20


PHASE 2: Visual Arts & Technology Building

Phase 2 of the Limitless Building Campaign is complete! This 2nd 6,600 sq. ft. building was occupied in mid-January 2017. This building is now being enjoyed by students for classes such as High School Art I, II and III, and Computer Technology classes for Lower and Middle School students and New Media and MOS classes for High School students. Another beautiful addition to our campus! Through the generosity of MCA families and friends of the school, we are blessed to have this need met and paid for!

Thank you for supporting the growth of Metrolina Christian Academy!

PHASE 1: Math and Science Building

Look at what God has accomplished through His people in Phase 1 of the Limitless Building Campaign! We can truly say, “Mission Accomplished” on completing Phase 1 of the Limitless Building Campaign.  We occupied our new 6,600 sq. ft. Math and Science Building in mid-January 2016. What a beautiful addition to our campus! This new building is going to be a great blessing in meeting the needs of our ever growing student population.

An even greater blessing is that through the generosity of MCA families and friends of the school, this new building is paid for!!


 Project Goals


PHASE 3:  Student Life / Performing Arts Center

Phase 3 This project includes the construction of a proposed building for Performing Arts with multipurpose space. This addition will provide classrooms for band, dance and vocal music, as well as a huge multipurpose room with a stage to serve as a performing arts theatre for events. Daily, this area will be used as a new dining space for MCA's students. This dining area will be adjacent to our present FLC kitchen enabling MCA to provide better food service options.


PHASE 4:  Track & Field Facility

Phase 4 This project includes the construction of a proposed facility located on the school campus which will serve our track program and provide great additional physical education and practice space.

Metrolina Christian Academy, as a ministry of First Baptist Church of Indian Trail, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, making all contributions tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Tax ID # 56-1381354.

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