"That the generation to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:6
UPDATE:  Through December 2016, over $5,200 earned in tuition
credits through the TRIP program for TK-12th grade families.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

TRIP provides MCA TK-12th grade families an opportunity to earn tuition credits by shopping with gift cards!  It's Metrolina's way of giving back to our families and helping to make Christian education affordable for all who seek it. 

Simply shop with gift cards that you and your family already use on an everyday basis such as groceries and gas.  Or you can plan ahead for larger purchases such as appliances, home improvements or family vacations.  Consider TRIP to be your own personal fundraiser.  It doesn’t cost you anything more than what you currently spend, except for a few minutes of your time.  And anyone can participate – MCA parents, grandparents, relatives and friends - and designate to your tuition account.

Great Lakes Scrip (GLSC)has over 300 local and nationwide merchants participating in their gift card program.  These merchants have an agreement with GLSC to give back a rebate of 2%-20% when their gift cards are purchased through GLS by a registered non-profit organization like Metrolina Christian Academy.  For example, if a family purchases a $100 gift card with a 4% rebate, MCA would pay GLSC $96, and the $4 rebate is applied to the family's tuition credit.

Remember everyday purchases can add up over time and create tuition dollars for your family. So don’t forget to keep grocery, gas, favorite restaurants, and other retailers’ gift cards on hand that you and your family frequent. These make great gifts as well!  


Yes, TRIP participants must complete an enrollment form each school year and pay a $5.00 enrollment fee.  This helps cover the expenses related to the TRIP program, primarily shipping costs.

TRIP tuition credits may be applied to TK-12th grade family accounts.

There are two (2) payment options for TRIP - 
1.) Prestopay - a secure online payment or
2.) Personal Check - made payable to MCA-TRIP.

Payment for your TRIP order must be received by 9:00am on Monday to be included in the group order placed by MCA for that week.

Tuition credits earned are applied two times each school year (December & April) to your family account, another family account you have chosen or to the General Tuition Assistance Fund.  

You must place your TRIP orders online at www.shopwithscrip.com, where you will set-up a family account using the MCA enrollment code.  Please email Ann Logan.  

TRIP orders placed on Monday by 9:00am will be available for pick-up on the Friday.  You may pick-up the cards in the MCA Upper School Office or choose to have them sent home with your student.  Click here for the 2016-2017 Order Schedule.

TRIP is a year round program, with ordering available during the summer months on an every two week schedule.  


The great thing about TRIP is that anyone can participate to earn tuition credits toward a family account.  This includes MCA parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and neighbors!