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Head of School Welcome

Every person in this world will develop and live by a worldview. Worldview is best defined as one’s own underlying system of beliefs and attitudes. We live in a culture that is sending out messages that are strong, destructive, and many times anti-God. The Word of God tells us that it is our responsibility as parents to give our children a Biblical worldview.

Our goal at Metrolina Christian Academy is to focus on both the intellectual and spiritual development of our students. Christian education provides the framework for a true education by using the Bible as the standard for truth. The source of all truth is the Bible and an education without the Bible will give students the basis for an inaccurate worldview.

Christian education is distinctive at Metrolina Christian Academy because:

  • We do not run or hide from the world but rather we embrace and pursue the mind of Christ.
  • We prepare young people for the kingdom of heaven and the marketplace of ideas.
  • We emphasize Christ-centeredness in a very self-centered world.
  • We focus on spiritual formation in addition to the intellectual development of a student.
  • We offer a fast paced, college preparatory program that enables our students to excel academically.

Metrolina Christian Academy not only will help provide your child with a Biblical worldview but also offers a top quality and affordable education to its students. Our students score well above the national average on nationally recognized standardized tests and are being accepted into colleges all over the country.

I invite you to come and check into providing your child with a distinctive Christian education at Metrolina Christian Academy. I am convinced that it may be the single greatest investment of your life!

Rev. Rick Calloway
MCA Head of School