Health & Safety

Caring for your children’s safety while at school is our top priority! Our safety program includes health, safety, emergency preparedness, and crisis response. We want to share some of the systems and protocols we have in place:

  • Local Law Enforcement: We have a close working relationship with local law enforcement in the area and often have spontaneous visits from officers. We have also provided police and fire departments with details about our school campus—buildings, parking lots, playgrounds, emergency shut offs.

  • Certification: MCA has a registered nurse on staff to help take care of our student’s health needs and injuries that may arise. In addition, we have key staff that are CPR and first aid trained. We also have a full-time trainer on staff to help with daily medical issues and emergencies.

  • Emergency Drills: We regularly practice lock-down, fire, and other evacuation drills.

  • Security Walk: Our security director and associate walk the campus multiple times each day checking for anything that might be out of place. Our maintenance staff is also trained in security protocols and adds to the visibility of our security staff.

  • Sign-In System: All staff and visitors must wear a badge during school hours. Our sign-in system monitors who is coming and going. Everyone entering/exiting during school hours must sign in and out at one of the two front desk areas.

Please join us in our desire to make MCA the safest place it can be. Follow the safety rules while on campus and if you have any questions about your children’s safety or our school policies, please contact us. We want to work with you to make MCA the safest place it can be for everyone.


First, please remember that if there is no notification regarding inclement weather then we will operate on a normal schedule. If there is any chance of a schedule change due to inclement weather (either a delayed start or an actual school closure), these are the ways we communicate this information:

  • Push notification from the Metrolina Christian Academy app (download the app or learn how to turn on Inclement Weather alerts here)
  • An all-school email will be sent informing parents of the closure/delay
  • We will post closures/delays on the MCA website, as well as the MCA Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts
  • Call MCA as we post a voicemail for Inclement Weather & School Closures: 704.882.3375 
  • We publish closures/delays on WSOC, WBTV, and Spectrum News 14 television stations.

If we need to close school once the school day has begun and the weather necessitates us to change the schedule, we will send a push notification (from the MCA app) and an all-school email.

Visitor's Policy

For the 2020-2021 school year, we will limit visitors to the campus to those deemed essential and those visitors will be required to wear a mask. Read our detailed modified instruction plan and health and wellness protocols here.

All visitors to the school, including school parents, are required toStop at the front desk of either the Upper School or Lower School Office, Sign the visitor log, and Obtain a “Visitor/ Volunteer” Badge. 

MCA does not allow visits by students not attending our school. MCA reserves the right to refuse to allow anyone on campus for whatever reason before, during, and after school hours. However, MCA does allow visits by MCA alumni.


To sign out a student early, please:

  1. Tell the receptionist the student's full name.

  2. Show your ID for verification of authorization that you are on the students school record.

  3. Sign out your student in the Student Sign Out/In Log.

  4. If you bring your student back to school, please sign them back in.