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Mission, Vision, & Values

MCA Honor Code

Jesus Christ is the reason that Metrolina Christian Academy exists as a school. It is essential that we consider all of our actions, speech, and conduct as to whether or not they bring glory to God. This truth is contained in 1 Corinthians 10:31 which declares: “Whether we eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

We have also strategically placed this truth in our school logo with the phrase “To the Greater Glory of God.” We have chosen this phrase as our Code of Honor and a concept that we as a school community will seek to embrace in all that we do. This Code of Honor is foundationally built on God’s Word and the idea of our school community working always “To the Greater Glory of God.” 

This Honor Code will serve as a guidepost to all stakeholders within the Metrolina community- students, parents, and faculty to unify us in both perspective and purpose.

Components of the MCA Honor Code

Our Mission

The mission of Metrolina Christian Academy is to lovingly lead and equip students for Kingdom living.

Our Purpose

We are a community that loves

We are a culture focused on the truth

We are a school of excellence

We are a place to belong

Our Vision

The vision of Metrolina Christian Academy is to have students graduate with a Biblical worldview based upon established spiritual disciplines, sound academic thinking, and appropriate skill development that enables them to move into their adult experience with the character and tools to be equipped for service in the Kingdom of God.  As we seek to accomplish our vision, we believe it is important that the school develop programs, strategies, and methodologies within the context of Biblical principles that support our mission statement and enable our program to produce graduates that not only own their faith but who are equipped with a Biblical worldview consistent with the expected student outcomes reflected in our portrait of a graduate.

Core Values & Commitments