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Metrolina has a free gift for you! We are always looking for ways to serve you that will help as we encourage the integration of our faith with living and learning.  One helpful tool that we have found is RightNow Media. 

RightNow Media gives you access to more than 10,000 video Bible studies, conference sessions, and resources on parenting, marriage, discipleship, and more. We are doing this as a school to provide resources for our classes and for all of the families of Metrolina as you endeavor to build a strong family. If you have not activated your account, you can do so below.

Activate your Right Now Media account


Undivided is a book specifically written for Christians who desire to live for Christ without any reservation. The book details a biblical plan for what God intended the Christian life to truly be about. When we became Christians, we made the conscious choice to follow God with every aspect of our lives. That decision to follow Christ should be nurtured and protected to keep the world from drawing our hearts away from God. Currently available on Amazon and in the Warrior Zone, MCA's school store.


"Follow the Leader" is a book that provides a detailed Biblical plan for Christian parents to follow in raising their children to love, honor, obey, and follow God.  This book will inspire and encourage parents as they face the daunting task of raising kids in the destructive and many times anti-Christian culture in which we live.  "Follow the Leader" will help you to develop an intentional plan for passing your faith to your children and grandchildren and thus ensuring a legacy of faith in your family. Currently available on Amazon and in the Warrrior Zone, MCA's school store.