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Portrait of a Graduate

At Metrolina Christian Academy, we are committed to our mission of “lovingly leading and equipping our students for Kingdom living.” In keeping with that mission, we seek to lead our students to personally own their faith and to not only possess but live out a Biblical worldview. It is our belief that we should seek to develop a detailed portrait of what a graduate of Metrolina Christian Academy should look like.

The administration and staff of Metrolina Christian Academy have prayed, sought God, and planned meticulously in the development of this portrait. We have used Luke 2:52 as a guidepost for developing this plan. This verse of scripture describes the maturation of Jesus as a young man in four areas. The Bible says in this verse that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God, and favor with man. We seek to follow this model in developing our students.

From this approach, we prayerfully commit to leading our graduates to be true Warriors for Christ who will possess: