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Academic Support

The Academic Support Path reflects Metrolina Christian Academy’s mission to lovingly lead and equip students for Kingdom living knowing that all children are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We desire to support and challenge students with different learning and developmental needs in a Christ-centered environment as they grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  

This program is designed to support students in the general education class with opportunities to be served in fundamental math and English classes as well as small group learning labs for individual support depending on their learning needs. In addition to alternative classes, individualized math and reading intervention is offered to target specific skill and conceptual development. The levels of services are tiered to serve students with a range of needs.

Program Offerings

Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention provides students with targeted, intensive, and strategic instruction on reading, writing, and spelling to accelerate those who are below grade level in literacy skills.  Using diagnostic, individual and classroom assessments to identify student needs, instruction includes a small group setting with a multi-sensory phonics approach designed for students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.  

Math Intervention

Math Intervention provides students with targeted, intensive, and strategic instruction to reinforce key mathematical concepts and build mathematical fluency to support those who are diagnosed with math disabilities or are below grade level in math skills.  Small group instruction will allow students to explore mathematical concepts using a multi-sensory approach including the use of manipulatives, games, technology, and appropriate resources that will build on students’ strengths to foster a deeper understanding of math concepts.

Academic Support

Our Academic Support Path offers an opportunity for students with challenges that affect their learning to be taught in an environment that values different learning styles while providing academic intervention to meet their needs.  Our desire is to provide students who learn differently with an opportunity to receive an excellent education that supports their development and fosters independent learning in core content areas.

LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities Program)

LEAP is our gifted enrichment program offered to 3rd - 5th grade students who demonstrate high performance on both cognitive abilities test and achievement tests.  LEAP is designed to develop critical thinking skills that relate to real world scenarios.  In the LEAP classroom, there is an extension of curriculum and instruction so learning will challenge our gifted learners.