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Communication Arts

Lower School

The foundation for MCA’s Communication Arts program is set in the Lower School as we teach our students to hear God’s truths, know them personally, and share them effectively. We believe that our highest calling is to educate children for God’s glory and for kingdom furthering work and that equipping students to communicate effectively is necessary to a whole education.

In kindergarten through 5th grade, students learn to comfortably stand in front of their peers and present information in a clear manner. They understand how to observe presentations of peers and provide constructive feedback, as well as participate in robust class discussions, clearly share opinions, and communicate with respect. By learning and applying these skills first in an intimate classroom environment, students will build comfort and confidence as they move through the Communication Arts program at Metrolina, with the ultimate goal that they will Hear, Know, and Share.

Upper School

Our Communication Arts program provides training for students to become thoughtful and effective storytellers. MCA offers students various classes (listed below) that train them to use written, verbal, and visual communication to create meaningful messages that impact their classmates, school community, and the world for the glory of God.