Early Education

The Early Education program provides a loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment for children ages 6 weeks through 4 years of age.  At MCA, we celebrate that children are created by God as unique and gifted with a natural curiosity and creativity.  During the formative years, the Scripture lessons are integrated with the wonder of exploring God’s world while we guide your child in building a foundation for lifelong learning and faith. 

As a school community, we partner together nurturing your little one to flourish developmentally, socially, and spiritually as they realize his or her God -given potential.  Self-directed and teacher-led learning activities fill the youngest students’ day, while both their minds and their faith are being strengthened for the next step in their learning journey. 

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Program Highlights


Our full day program begins at 7 am and ends at 6 pm.  Our breakfast time is from 8am-8:30am, lunch is served between 11:00-12:30, and snack time is from 2:00-3:00 daily.  We offer gross and fine motor play times, along with center directed play and organized games that include learning opportunities to develop higher thinking skills while focusing and applying Christian ethics into our teaching and topics of study.

Bible & Chapel

We begin each day with a Bible lesson and prayer.  Other subjects incorporate Biblical lessons throughout the material, as well as, incorporate lessons into daily interactions with our friends and teachers.

Chapel is offered weekly for all our preschoolers.  Chapel is a time where our little ones learn to worship God through songs, prayer, and movement.  Our chapel program instructs our children from the Bible giving simple truths through Bible stories and object lessons.

Fine Arts

  • We provide Music classes once a week that teach our little one’s pitch, beat, time, dancing, and expression.

  • We provide Art classes once a week ages 2 and above concentrating on cutting, coloring, painting, drawing, and gluing.

  • We provide Media classes once a week ages 2 and above concentrating on concepts of print, comprehension, and themed stories. 

  • We provide Joy classes once a week to our Jr. K classes that introduces cultures, food, and ethnicities.

  • We provide Fun and Fitness once a week to our three's classes that concentrates on gross motor skills.

  • All classes have a daily art time that allows students to develop better skills within the classroom as well.   

Gross Motor Development

Our children have the opportunity to participate in learning activities outside daily, including enjoying the playgrounds in the morning and afternoon.  We also provide a playroom where classes may go to practice skills indoors.  Both areas are equipped with toys and infrastructures to provide skills in running, throwing, climbing, building, riding, balancing, and imaginary play. 


The use of manipulatives within our math curriculum builds strong skills and a core foundation for our program.  We believe a hands-on approach leads to mastery of skills taught throughout the year.

Science and Social Studies

Engaging thematic units promote a better understanding of science and social studies taught within the classroom.  Our threes and JK classes integrate these subjects throughout the themes within their weekly lessons.

STEM Activities

We offer STEM once a week for our threes and JK classes.  STEM is incorporated throughout lessons in our curriculum as well for in-class experiences too.  This class is structured around the components of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with a hands-on approach.

Class Size

Infant - Our infant class is provided with two teachers who work with 8 infants per class but no more than 5 infants when they work alone.

Waddler - Our waddler classes are provided with two teachers who work with 8 children per class but no more than 5 waddlers when they work alone.

Toddler - Our toddler classes are provided with two teachers who work with 8 children per class but no more than 6 toddlers when they work alone.

Two’s - Our two’s classes are provided with one teacher and a maximum of 8 children per classroom.

Three’s - Our three’s classes are provided with one teacher and a maximum of 10 children per classroom.

JK - Our Junior Kindergartner’s classes are provided with one teacher and a maximum of 12 children per classroom.


Early Education Curriculum Overview

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