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College Counseling

It is never too early to begin the process of the all-important college visit!  The strategic focus of the campus visit should be to ensure that the “personality” or “feel” of the campus is a fit for the personality of the student. Colleges vary in their general atmosphere, academic quality, the types of students they enroll, social setting, spiritual intensity, campus policies, dress, sports, and extra-curricular activities. Stepping on a college campus to experience it all, often determines whether or not the student feels comfortable and challenged. On campus, the student can observe the day to day actions of the students, speak with students and professors, and ultimately determine whether the college would help them become the person they want to become in five, ten, or twenty years. A student needs to make an “intentional” choice for college.  Only during a college visit can the student experience the environment that will become their home away from home during the subsequent four critical years.

Our counselors at Metrolina Christian are passionate about helping students take the next step in their academic journey. The college search process is unique to each student as they all have different strengths, skills, goals, and dreams. We count it a privilege to assist them in their endeavor, and to help students simplify this exciting and overwhelming process.

9th and 10th grade families, contact Mrs. Beth Hargett.

11th and 12th grade families, contact Mrs. Lisa Shields.