Through Metrolina Christian Academy’s STEAM program, students will discover how great and mighty God’s world is. They will dig into the different topics and areas of learning throughout the school year in collaborative and creative ways. Students will be provided with the time and space for them to develop higher level thinking skills as they create, experiment, investigate, inspect, analyze, predict, design, and invent. 

Students will engage in STEAM activities that enrich classroom science lessons and visit the STEAM studio during their enrichment time.


Students will have the opportunity to explore different scientific concepts and hypothesis with hands-on experiments and stations in our STEAM lab. Many of these activities will coincide with their science curriculum.


Students will be exposed to PC based programs as well as iPad usage throughout the school year. We will continue to learn the thought process for coding, and apply it to our robotics opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to technologies otherwise not available in the classroom environment.


Students will be presented with open-ended opportunities to investigate a real-world problem, and create a feasible solution.


Students will incorporate technology into their art enrichment time using iPads or computers.


Students will delve into different mathematical concepts through games and hands-on learning experiences.

Media Center

The Paul Harrison Media Center exists to encourage a love of reading in our students as they explore a variety of literature in a safe and nurturing environment.  The media center will be used throughout the day for various groups, grades, classes to spend time there reading, researching, investigating, problem-solving and creating.  Our maker-spaces will enrich the students’ library experience as they work together to explore science, technology, engineering, art and math resources and develop skills needed to understand, analyze, form, and communicate ideas.