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Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum is comprised of a three-fold design of what is taught, how it is presented, and how learning is measured. Metrolina Christian Academy addresses each area by first, acquiring the best resources and text available to not only meet the standard course of study but to extend beyond the curriculum. Through intentional professional development, MCA endeavors to have the most innovative and creative instructional program available. The instructional process is thorough, taught from a biblical worldview, and streamlines technology and best practice methodology to instruct students. Finally, learning is assessed both formally and informally using nationally normed standardized testing as well as individual benchmark assessment tools.

In order to gain more detailed look at our curriculum requirements, please access the appropriate links below:

High School Curriculum Overview   Middle School Curriculum Overview          

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Teach to Equip

Teach to Equip is MCA's strategic and intentional plan to equip students with a Biblical Worldview through the curriculum utilized, instructional methodology implemented, and professional development training provided to instructional staff. Teach to Equip includes professional development, which is designed to foster and promote growth, improvement, learning in the areas of curriculum, instructional methods, assessments, social and emotional learning, and Biblical integration. Learn more about Teach to Equip here.