Why Choose MCA

"Within my first few days at Metrolina, it was made clear that this school’s mission is to teach students about Scripture and raise youth to follow Christ, despite any force that tries to sway us from truth."

-Eliza Girard, MCA Student (Theater, Athletics, Honors, Warrior Servant Leader, Honors Choir Ensemble)


"We are very thankful for MCA. What a blessing to have our faith and values reinforced at school."

-Megan Beldner, MCA Parent


"I really appreciate how faith driven all the teachers and coaches are and that they want to have a relationship with the students ."

-Luke Gaskins, MCA Student (Student Government, Athletics, Honors)

"Athletics starts at the top with an unwavering commitment to Christ, supported by a high level of commitment to team and personal development. Winning matters not just on the scoreboard but winning the character battle by staying true to the character Christ calls them to have."

-Maggie, Tommy and Annie Miller, MCA Students (Three Sport Athletes, Honors)

"Matthew 6:21 says, 'Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.' Giving our children a Christian education is where our treasure is because they're our treasure. Because of that, it's where our heart is too. You are helping your child to become all that Christ has called them to be"

-Mark and Robin Lewis, MCA Parents

"All subjects, when taught from a Biblical worldview, come alive and become relevant to their faith. All six of my children are at Metrolina. My son with special needs is thriving in their growing resource program, and my kids are being trained to serve God with their whole heart."

-Melanie Robinson, 7th Grade Teacher and MCA Parent

"This is the place that I've referred to as my second home for ten years. I have come to a peace in knowing that I've been prepared not only spiritually, but intellectually. Why MCA? Because it has been truly blessed by God to further His kingdom."

-Haley Debnam, MCA Graduate (fourth from left)