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About Distinguished Alumni Awards

Established in 2023, Distinguished Alumni is replacing our Hall of Excellence. It was created by our Office of Alumni Relations in order to honor our alumni that have stood out and had great accomplishments in various areas and continue to reflect the Portrait of a Warrior. Every 2 years, nominations will be open and through a selection process nominees will be considered for this honor. Decisions are made by the Office of Alumni Relations, Administration, and High School Counselors. The inductees will be honored at a dinner ceremony with administration and their families.

What is the Portrait of a Warrior? They represent what Metrolina defines as a Warrior. We define a warrior as someone who has a worldview that is Christ-centered and biblically based. One who has an academic foundation that allows you to be ready for doors that God opens in your life. They believe in redemption that is biblically based and personal. They are responsible and use scripture to guide their daily walk. They have integrity that influences life decisions. There is ownership of their faith that is personal and transformational. They are always Ready to engage the culture, proclaim the Gospel, and live life to the glory of God.

If you have any questions, please email Michelle Ferguson, with Alumni Relations. 

Awards and Requirements

Distinguished Alumni Award

This award honors an alumni who has had many accomplishments in their profession, is a positive contribution to society, and continues to exude what a Metrolina Warrior is.  Requirements: 10 years out of high school, has contributions and accomplishments in their profession and/or society, and their life continues to reflect the portrait of a Warrior

Distinguished Alumni Academic Award

This award honors an alumni who has had many accomplishments in their academic profession, is a positive contribution to society, and continues to exude a Metrolina Warrior.  Requirements: 6 years out of high school, has progressed past a bachelors degree in their field, and their life continues to reflect the portrait of a warrior. 

Distinguished Alumni Athlete Award

This award honors an alumni who has had many accomplishments in their athletic career. They have gone beyond high school and made great strides to further their skills in the collegiate and/or professional and continues to exude  a Metrolina Warrior. Requirements: 4 years out of high school, has many accolades and advancements in their sport, and their life continues to reflect the portrait of a warrior. 

Distinguished Alumni Service/Ministry Award

This award honors an alumni who has gone above and beyond to serve our community and/or the church. Requirements: 4 years out of high school, currently is active in the community or church, and their life continues to reflect the portrait of a warrior.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Receipients

David Rogers

Distinguished Alumni Award 2023

David Rogers, a 2008 MCA Alum, graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2012 with his Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Economics. He also holds CIC and CAWC insurance designations. David’s career began in 2012 as an operation specialist, where he was able to quickly prove himself and receive multiple promotions and growth throughout his work. 10 years later, David launched his own insurance agency, Rogers Insurance Solutions, where he is the owner and producer. David has celebrated a successful first year of his business alongside his wife, Ashton Rogers, and their children Davidson, Dash, and Gadsden. David has remarked that he always makes an effort to put God first in their home and with his business, also stating that “I love to make a big deal of Jesus.”

Emily Gillenwater

Distinguished Alumni Academic Award 2023

Emily Gillenwater, a 2013 MCA Alum, graduated from Appalachian State University in 2017 with her Bachelor of Political Science. She went to law school at Mississippi College where she received her Juris Doctorate (2020). Emily also received her LL.M. (Masters of Law) in Taxation from the University of Florida in 2021. She now works at one of the top 4 accounting firms, leading a group of consultants (comprised of attorneys and CPAs) within her firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions group. In 2021 she also published her first paper on state film tax credits. When asked about her faith she told us that “each day I’m reminded of His purpose He has for me. Without Him I would not be where I am.”

Caitlyn Logan

Distinguished Alumni Athlete Award 2023

Caitlyn Logan, a 2017 MCA Alum, graduated from John Brown University in 2021with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and she is currently working as a RN. Caitlyn played soccer throughout her high school and college career. Caitlyn’s athletic accolades include NAIA 3rd Team All-American, Honorable Mention All-American for 3 years, 4-time SAC Goalkeeper of the Year, and 4-time 1st Team All-Conference. Caitlyn was also given opportunities to share the gospel through soccer on several missions trips. Caitlyn believes that soccer opened the door for many opportunities to share the gospel throughout her life, and she is now finding those same opportunities through private coaching at a local soccer club in Charlotte, NC. Caitlyn stated that she believed her skills as a college athlete have allowed her to “work hard at my job and honor the Lord through my work.”

Danielle Price

Distinguished Alumni Service/Ministry Award 2023

Danielle Price, a 2009 MCA Alum, graduated from Cape Fear Community College (2014) and Queens University of Charlotte in 2018 with her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. Danielle is a successful author of 2 children’s books. In 2020 Danielle published her first book, “Anxious Ellie”, which was awarded Story Monsters Approved Excellence in Children’s Literature in 2021. In 2022 Danielle published her second book, “Ellie on the Mat”. In March of 2022, she became a children’s trauma informed yoga instructor, and she launched All the Love Yoga, a small business teaching yoga and mindfulness to children ages 2-12. Danielle stated that she has always kept her goals simple: “Love God, love people.”

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