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Choral Music

The MCA Choral Music program is committed to the music education of students beginning at the earliest years and continuing through graduation. The vocal training acquired prepares students by developing their God-given skills at various levels. Students in the Lower School gain a foundation of basic elements of music, as well as an appreciation that fosters a love for music. Various programs provide opportunities for the students to perform throughout the year. During the Middle School years, the curriculum concentrates on the needs of changing voices, with continued performance opportunities. Correct vocal technique aids students in using their voices properly. The High School curriculum incorporates advanced training in music literacy, theory, and performance. A variety of musical genre is introduced to prepare a well-rounded repertoire suitable for school programs and athletic events, as well as outside community events. The MCA Choral Music program is committed to refining students’ musical abilities to equip them to use their ministry of music in a church, as a career, or as a pastime.  “That in all things He might have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:18 c