This upcoming year, you will see some upgrades to our gymnasium that includes a new floor and scorer’s table.  At the athletic complex, you’ll see a new press box as we make room for more bleacher seating and enhanced audio.  You’ll also see progress in the back-parking lot as we move forward with initial construction of a Metrolina track.

These facilities enhancements are evidence that Metrolina is committed to providing an excellent experience for our community as the Lord continues to bless our efforts.   Most importantly however, are the people who give their time, energy and resources to the student athletes…our coaches!

At Metrolina, our athletic coaches are committed to be “Intentional” in our efforts to glorify God and reach the next generation. 

Therefore, we will:

1.     Be “Intentional” to love, knowing Christ first loved us.

2.     Be “Intentional” to bring God’s Word to our athletes, knowing it is the bread of life.

3.     Be “Intentional” to coach each athlete as a child of God, knowing we are created in His image.

4.     Be “Intentional” to develop unity on teams, knowing the body works best when all the parts are healthy.

I ask that you join in our efforts.  Be intentional to grow in your walk with Christ.  Be intentional to raise your children under the principles of God.  Be intentional to support our coaches and their families through prayer and words of encouragement.

We look forward to serving with you as we build His Kingdom. 

Athletic Family Night Video

  • For those who were unable to attend, please click on this link and watch the video
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MCA Athletic Leadership Staff

Athletic Director

Ronnie Plyler
Athletic Director
NIAAA Certified Master Athletic Administrator
NFHS Certified Coach

Assistant Athletic Director

Andrew Kell
Asst. Athletic Director
NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator
NFHS Certified Coach
704-882-3375 ext 7902

Administrative Assistant

Erin Parker
Administrative Assistant
NIAAA Registered Athletic Administrator
704-882-3375 ext 7907

Athletic Trainer

Ashley Lake
Athletic Trainer