What are you seeking?

Athletics lends itself to seek wins, championships, trophies and recognition.  Each of these are certainly desirable as competition often drives teams and players to do their best.  We celebrate the achievements and rightfully so.

However, as we seek those accolades, it’s imperative that we not lose our focus as a player, parent or program.  God’s word serves as a reminder of where we should direct our full attention. “Seek the Lord while He may be found.  Call on Him while He is near” (Isaiah 55:6). 

He clearly gives us a focal point at a time in history when we tend to become easily distracted by the little “things” in life.  We get distracted about the position our child occupies on the team and whether our child is even playing… In everyday life we get distracted when we should be listening to others…focusing on driving, eating dinner with the family…   God knew we would be easily distracted by the cares of this world. Consequently, He continually reminded the children of Israel to teach their children the ways of the Lord (Deut. 5, 6:1-25, 11:19-21, Joshua 4, Psalms 78:4-7).

As an athletic program, we commit to you to be intentional about seeking God.  Our heart is that everyone who plays on our teams will grow closer to the Lord because of the coach’s leadership in sharing God’s word.  We hope that everyone who is a spectator would see our students compete with high standards of passion and sportsmanship as our purpose is to use athletics to advance the Kingdom of God.  We can do this successfully by “seeking God”.

This year, I’m asking you and your family to seek God.  When trials or conflict comes your way, I believe the Lord will give you peace and even joy…if you seek Him.  When challenges come your way, I believe He will give you confidence and provide a way…if you seek Him.  When it seems like you simply want to give up, I believe He will give you strength to persevere and grow in His wisdom and knowledge…if you seek Him.

And if you have trouble believing this, God tells us, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13).

Looking forward to seeing you at an athletic event this year!!

MCA Athletic Leadership Staff