Food Services

PLEASE NOTE:  Modified Operations Plan for Lunch in effect to start 2020-21 school year.

One of our top priorities at MCA is to provide your child with nutritious lunch options each day in the Metro Station, our school cafeteria.  We are excited to offer fresh and healthy menu items, along with choices for hot and cold lunches, plus breakfast and snack options.

The Metro Station creates a menu at the beginning of the school year that offers a variety of hot and cold food choices from which all students/families may pre-order online on a weekly basis.  Students may choose to bring their lunch to school rather than purchasing from the Pre-Order Lunch menu or daily Grab-N-Go options (currently unavailable for 2020-21).  Microwaves are available for grades 6-12 (currently unavailable for 2020-21)

For questions regarding How to Order Lunch, please contact Lee Bartlett

Food and beverages from the Grab-N-Go menu do not have to be pre-ordered.  Students may make purchases during their lunch period.  Grab-N-Go items include chips, crackers, cookies, ice cream, bottled water, milk and more.  You can view the full list of Grab-N-Go offerings here. (Grab-N-Go currently unavailable for 2020-21).