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Heart of a Warrior

The Heart of a Warrior recognition program recognizes teachers, coaches, and non-instructional staff for exceptionally exhibiting the “Heart of a Warrior” within the community of Metrolina. This program provides an opportunity to honor those who fulfill our mission and vision for the glory of God. You can nominate a teacher, coach, or non-instructional staff member here.

Congratulations to our March 2022 Heart of a Warrior recipients:

  • Mrs. JoAnn Manino (Early Education)
  • Mrs. Rachel Parrish (Lower School)
  • Mrs. Susan Seward (Middle School)
  • Mrs. Autumn Moen (High School)
  • Miss Katie Calloway (Non-Instructional Staff)
  • Coach Lee Bartlett (Athletics)

Congratulations to our February 2022 Heart of a Warrior recipients:

  • Mrs. Vanessa Laney (Early Education)
  • Mrs. Hillary McWhirter (Lower School)
  • Mrs. Charlotte Hensley (Middle School)
  • Mrs. Sharon Aceta (High School)
  • Mrs. Becky Sutton (Non-Instructional Staff)
  • Coach Brett Honeycutt (Athletics)

Congratulations to our January 2022 Heart of a Warrior recipients:

  • Mrs. Lauren Green (Early Education)
  • Mrs. Pam Ketchie (Lower School)
  • Mrs. Marsha Anzaldi (Middle School)
  • Mrs. Wallace Miller (High School)
  • Mrs. Emily Holleman (Non-Instructional Staff)
  • Coach Thomas Langley (Athletics)

Congratulations to our December 2021 Heart of a Warrior recipients:

  • Ms. Missy Clark (Early Education)
  • Mrs. Veronica Perez (Lower School)
  • Mrs. Verna Clark (Middle School)
  • Mr. Andrew Ashlock (High School)
  • Ms. Peggy Kirnan (Non-Instructional Staff)
  • Coach Heather Wilson (Coaching Staff)

Congratulations to our November 2021 Heart of a Warrior recipients:

  • Mrs. Shawn Graham (Early Education)
  • Mrs. Kristin Rorie (Lower School)
  • Mrs. Pam Sadler (Middle School)
  • Mr. Korey Risley (High School)
  • Mrs. Michele Dillard (Non-Instructional Staff)
  • Coach Matt Gott (Coaching Staff)