Metrolina Students

Metrolina Students, its time to STEP UP AND STAND OUT!

Catch up with all the latest news through out WMCA weekly newscast. The most recent can be seen below. For previous newscast check out the Student Youtube Page.

WMCA Middle School News 4.26.18
WMCA High School News 5.8.18

Look at the bi-weekly Metro Nation Newsletter put out by the Student News Class. The new Intro to Journalism class will soon take over this task and are very excited about it. This class will also work to develop a student website. Check back later for the new student website. 

Metro Nation Newsletter V5 I3
Metro Nation Newsletter V5 I2
Metro Nation Newsletter V5 11
BattleCry Newsletter V4 I8 Senior Edition*

*Previous Years Newsletter are referred to as The BattleCry.