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Prom 2022

MCA’s annual spring formal, “Lights, Camera, Action” will be held Friday, April 29th from 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm at Rolling Hill Farms, 1980 E Brief Rd, Monroe, NC 28110. There will be refreshments, music, dancing, crowning of King and Queen, and memories made. It is always a terrific evening!

TICKETS are $50 each and are to be purchased and paid for through FACTS Family Financial Portal from Monday, February 1st through Friday, March 5th.Tickets are only available for MCA students in 11th and 12th grades. The full amount must be paid by March 25th. To pay online, complete the WebForm in FACTS → School Information → Web Forms → Prom Ticket Orders. The charge will be added to your FACTS account within 2 business days. A physical ticket will not be needed to enter the event. 

DATE POLICY: All non MCA students must fill out a date form, due by April 8th. Click here to access the date form.  It can also be found with Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Laurents, or Mrs. Ferguson. Students must be at least 16 years old to attend and no one age 21 or older will be permitted at the event. A copy of  a valid ID with birthdate and picture must be provided with date form. 

DRESS CODE: To ensure that modesty in attire is a priority, all dresses must be approved in person by two faculty members (Mrs. Laurents, and Mrs. Shields). This includes all Non-MCA dates. Dress approval dates are: 

  • Last two Thursdays in February (17th, 24th) 7:30am to 8:00am or  3:00pm to 3:45pm. 
  • Thursdays in March (10th, 17th, and 24th) 7:30am to 8:00am or  3:00pm to 3:45pm. 

Dress approvals will be done in Mrs. Laurents’ room (Building G) during the above stated times - no appointment is required. The student must be wearing the dress (which should comply with the parameters listed below) when approved. No dresses will be approved via text message or email. These standards are in accordance to MCA’s guidelines and apply to all those in attendance.  

Ladies:  Modest, formal dresses

  • Dresses must not show any cleavage
  • No strapless dresses (You must add straps made from durable material. Dresses with one strap will be evaluated for appropriate coverage and students may be required to add a clear strap. Flimsy ribbon or material meant to hold a dress on the hanger are not acceptable as straps. Halter-top straps are acceptable).
  • No low back dresses (they must go no lower than the waist / middle of the back)
  • Dresses must not have slits that are more than 4" above the knee. This includes material under a sheer fabric. 
  •  Dresses must not show midriff (side cut-outs are not acceptable)  
  • All 2-piece dresses must be attached before coming to approval meeting. 

Gentlemen: Formal attire

  • Tennis Shoes or T-shirts are not permitted.
  • Formal apparel is required; this includes tuxedos or suits with a tie.

Students, if you have specific questions about this event, please contact Mrs. Ferguson.  

Contact Info: Mrs. Ferguson,; Mrs. Shields,; Mrs. Laurents,              

Prom Venue 2022- Rolling Hill Farms