Parent Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of MCA. On any given day, our campus is filled with volunteers who give countless hours of their time, and use their God-given talents and treasures to meet the needs of our students and teachers.

It would be impossible for our staff to accomplish everything that needs to be done without our volunteers' hearts and hands at work. Project Serve provides opportunites for our volunteers to serve which includes a variety of times, dates, and skill sets to fit any person and schedule.

Whether it is cutting out letters for a bulletin board, baking a cake for Teacher Appreciation Week, or clipping Box Tops there is a way for you to volunteer and be a blessing to our students, teachers, and staff. Thank you for being a servant and showing Christ’s love to our school!

Becoming a Volunteer

1. Fill out the 2020-2021 Volunteer Application. This must be done each school year. 

2. Your application and background check will be processed. This can take up to 5 days. 

3. You will receive a welcome email to get started serving at MCA.

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Shea Braswell
Assistant to Advancement Director
Parent Relations
704.882.3375 x7911

Katie Calloway
Advancement Support
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