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Cornerstone Fund Enhancement - Overview

Erica Crawford - Matching Gifts

Mr. McDowell Testimonial

Mr. Calloway - Final Week

Generational Giving

Last week of the Kick-Off

Bobby and Meg Girard - Parent Testimony

Mr. Calloway - Ultimate Warrior Challenge

Cornerstone Fund Enhancements - STEAM

Investing in Kingdom Education - Mika Edwards

Erica Crawford - Parent Testimony

Cornerstone Fund Enhancements - Gym Floor

Cornerstone Fund Enhancements - Lunchroom

The Reynolds Family Testimonial

Why is your family “ALL IN” for MCA?

There are many reasons we love MCA, but most importantly because they are committed to teaching students the truth of the Word of God.

Why do you value Christian education for your family?

We feel the most important job as parents is to teach our children about Jesus. God designed and created each of us and everything around us. We want our children to see how His hand permeates every element of our world. We want their faith to be synonymous with who they are and feel Christian education reinforces that belief.

What’s the impact of Christian education on your student(s)?

When our children graduate from high school, we want them to step out into the world and feel confident in their faith in Jesus. MCA is a place that prioritizes their personal spiritual growth and has a staff that is committed to nurturing and leading them spiritually. When the world tries to discount God, we have confidence that they have been grounded at home and school in Christ, and are better equipped to be successful in whatever they do in life.

Why does your family give to the Cornerstone Fund / support above and beyond?

The Lord has blessed us greatly to be able to give back to MCA. It is the most important financial investment we can make for our children during these crucial, formative years. We want them and other students to have as many opportunities as possible available to them while at MCA, where the Gospel is being advanced.

Why should other MCA families support the Cornerstone Fund?

MCA does their best to keep tuition lower than surrounding Christian schools. The Cornerstone Fund helps supplement tuition and offers its’ students more opportunities to be well-rounded.


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