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Endowment Fund

The Next Generation Fund, Metrolina Christian Academy’s endowment, was established in 2011 for the purpose of ensuring Christian education for generations to come.  The goal of MCA’s endowment, as well as any endowment, is to provide long term financial stability; it is an investment in the future.  Gifts invested in The Next Generation Fund are permanently held (never spent but invested) and only the revenue generated from the investment capital is used to aid the school in the areas of:  Educational Resources, Tuition Assistance, Teacher Compensation and Capital Improvements

MCA needs your help in building its endowment and leaving a Christian education legacy for future generations.  A gift to The Next Generation Fund is a wonderful way to benefit future generations of “Warriors for Christ”, while also strengthening and preserving the Metrolina mission. 

How to Contribute:

Please consult with your tax adviser to learn more about the tax advantages of gifting to the Metrolina Christian Academy Endowment Fund.

Metrolina Christian Academy has partnered with the North Carolina Baptist Foundation, who will manage the investments of the school’s endowment fund, as well as maintain the investment policy for all funds.

If you would like to make a donation to MCA’s The Next Generation Fund, please contact Dana Bostic in the Advancement Office.


Dana Bostic
Director of Advancement
704.882.3375 x7901